A Conversation with Josh Barrett

BroncosNews.com spoke with Josh Barrett, former Denver Broncos safety, this evening about his exit from the team. You could tell that he was bummed about the controversial pickup, which happened as a result of an injury three weeks ago.

For several years, NFL teams would hide quality players in their injured reserve lists. Since a team can only carry a 53 man roster into the regular season, future stars or depth players were “hidden” away on IR. In 1989 and with a major push from the Denver Broncos owner, Pat Bowlen, the rules of the league were changed to prevent teams from this practice. Opposing teams were given a 24 hour window to sign players headed for injured reserve. However, it is not common practice for teams to “snatch” players headed to injured reserve.

This year, Josh Barrett was injured during the Denver Broncos training camp and placed on injured reserve. Or so he thought! New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, grabbed Barrett during the waivers process. There is some speculation as to why Belichick made this move, but it seems clear that he was sending a message to his former offensive coordinator and now head coach of the Denver Broncos.

BroncosNews.com had a chance to speak with Josh about his departure. Josh spoke candidly about his downtime, his move to New England, and his experience with the Broncos.

When asked about the injury, Josh commented that he has a lot of free time on his hands right now. “Yeah, man, it’s weird,” said Josh, “I’m just trying to keep busy.”

We jokingly talked about his inability to even play Madden 11 and reflected on the current season of Hard Knocks, the newest episode which happened to be airing while we spoke.

Josh was excited to be heading to his new team and felt the transition would go smoothly because some of the playbook would be familiar. When asked about his former coaches, Barrett had this to say about Josh McDaniels.

“He’s a tactician. You know, he majored in math.”

Comparing him to coach Mike Shanahan, Barrett agreed that Shanahan was driven more by his gut instincts than the current Broncos coach. Barrett was clearly impressed with McDaniels and his approach to the game.

BroncosNews.com thanked Barrett for recognizing the fans in his letter to The Denver Post this morning. You could tell in talking with Josh that he would have preferred to remain a Bronco, but was making the most of his situation and his injury.

We wish Josh the best with his new team and thank him for his service as a Bronco.